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Covid-19 Updates

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

We will be providing updates for our Team Moreira- Los Osos members here.

Tuesday, August 25th

Exciting news! In the next 2-3 weeks we will be starting to hold the following classes in-person and outdoors:

  • Thursday Adult BJJ

  • Saturday Little Monkeys

  • Saturday Juniors

We will be roping off a section of the parking lot outside of the studio and spreading out squares of mats for students to use at an appropriate distance from each other. We will be emailing out more information about the protocols that will be in place for this to happen. Since this is taking place outside, there won't be any need for temperature checks and you will not need to wear a mask. However, if you are feeling sick or are experiencing any symptoms that you might be sick, you must not attend class. Everyone will need to stick to their own mats and there cannot be any mingling with people on other mats. Since space will be limited, we will need to have students check-in online ahead of time using Zen Planner and confirm that they will be attending the class so we know how many people will be in attendance. Drop-ins will not be allowed.

For the kids classes, we will just have one student per section of mats. These will be solo drilling style classes. We will still zoom the class live for anyone that cannot attend in person.

For the adult class, we will be doing dedicated partner scenarios. You will be training with one partner that you feel safe to have close contact with. You will not be allowed to mingle with or come in contact with other training partners from other mats during class. This will be a technique and a partner drilling class. This means that I will demonstrate the technique we are working on with Jaime. Then the class will get a chance to work on the techniques and ask questions. There won't be any free rolling during this class, and we will still zoom this class as well for anyone who can't attend or doesn't feel comfortable.

Prior to starting these in-person classes, we will email out more information about the format and protocols, as well as instructions for how to reserve your spot online. Keep an eye out!!

Monday, August 10th

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday August 11th, we will be offering a new class via zoom for all of our active students. Every Tuesday at 6:30pm we will have our solo drilling class. This 30 minute class will be comprised of drills, snakeys, and movements that you won't need any equipment or partners for. Our Thursday night class is concept/technique driven and we get a lot of people just sitting, watching, and taking notes. This Tuesday night class will be designed for 100% participation to get you off your butts and get you moving around. This class is open to all of our active adult students as well as any of our kids from the Juniors Jiu Jitsu class. Hope to have you all join us for this new zoom class.

The link for the zoom class is:

Saturday, July 18th

As the numbers of COVID19 cases continue to grow, both statewide and nationwide, we are still in a holding pattern to see when we might be able to open our studio again. We are officially closed but we can continue to do our semi-private training sessions because now we our doing them out in the area directly in front of our studio, so it is 100% outdoors. That means it is both legal and safe for us to do them. We still have to follow our regular safety protocols of distancing, temperature taking, etc. Remember that we are not charging anything extra for these. These are included in your regular monthly tuition for our active students. We want to be able to provide something in addition to the weekly zoom classes. Due to feedback and interest, classes are no longer available on Fridays and are now currently being offered on Sunday mornings. Please contact us for more details and for scheduling.

With all that being said, we want to take this time to sincerely thank everyone who is still actively supporting the studio. You are helping to give us a strong shot at having a studio to go back to when this is all over. We truly hope you can continue to support us through these crazy times. Please take advantage of these training sessions, the weekly BJJ zoom classes, the Ginastica classes, the mace classes, and the online videos. Keep training, stay safe, stay healthy, stay active!

Friday, June 19th

As of now, SLO county still highly recommends not holding any indoor group fitness classes at this time, even if social distancing is enforced. Outside fitness classes are allowed with proper social distancing guidelines but we are not currently set up for the ability to hold outdoor solo drilling classes. If this continues much longer, this may be an option for us to consider.

However, something we feel that we can do safely- and is currently allowable- is holding small group semi-private training sessions. What this means is that Rob & Jaime will be on one side of the studio, while a group up to 2-4 adults will be on the other side of the studio. This can be a small group of active students who either live in the same household or who are currently training together in a safe manner. We can run these semi-private personal training classes while maintaining a safe distance between our two groups.


  • These will be scheduled on Fridays starting at 1:30pm

  • Sessions will last 30 minutes

  • We will schedule 30 minutes in between sessions to disinfect and dry the space

  • Masks will not be required inside of the studio

  • Any person displaying symptoms of sickness, or has had symptoms within 14 days of the lesson will be asked not to participate

  • Each person must disinfect their hands and feet prior to stepping on the mats

  • Free rolling at the studio will not be allowed at this time

  • These semi-private group classes will be offered up to all active students at no additional cost

  • Spectators will not be permitted. It is for this reason that semi-private sessions will only be open to adult students at this time

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a time slot if you have a small group ready to train.

Friday, June 5th

Guidance for gyms and fitness facilities have been released by the state. The state is recommending that businesses in this phase should open no earlier than June 12th, but at this point it's up to the county to determine if it's advisable to open at that time. We will set an open date at our discretion once we are given clearance by the county and have satisfied all of the protocol requirements.

Here's the catch. This is very exciting for all of us, but it does not mean back to business as usual. The Covid-19 virus has not disappeared from our community, so we want to err on the site of caution when considering our options. Social distancing measures of at least 6ft are still in place, and no contact of any kind is going to be permissible, so even when in-person classes resume we will not be able to have partner drilling or sparring at this time. As the situation evolves, whether for the better or if new cases continue to climb as a result of the gradual re-opening, we will re-evaluate and adjust as needed.

Next Steps

We are working to ready our studio space for reopening with deep cleaning and maintenance, and making plans for an updated class schedule and formats. In the meantime, please take our survey to provide input as we move into this next phase!

Wednesday, May 27th

As you may or may not have seen, Governor Newsom held a press conference on the 26th to announce that hair salons and barbershops are now cleared to re-open in most counties of California, including San Luis Obispo county. He also mentioned in this press conference that the state is working closely with health officials and industry experts to provide guidelines for additional personal services. He did not specifically mention gyms or fitness classes, and according to the California Resilience Roadmap we are still in Phase 2 of the state-wide re-opening plan.

There is not currently any official guidance or estimated date at the state or local county level for re-opening gyms or fitness facilities. Due to the nature of our martial art and the close contact required for classes to return to "normal", it may be necessary for BJJ schools to adhere to additional regulations and/or a different timeline than traditional fitness gyms. The health, safety, and peace of mind of our students, their families, and our Los Osos community at large are our top priority and we do not have any plans to operate outside of the state mandated closures. We want to be mindful and intentional about how we structure classes, requirements for students, and cleaning protocols going forward, and would hate to rush into reopening, putting students at risk.

Next Steps

All that said, we are so very eager to see your faces again and are working on everything that we can do prior to receiving official guidelines. We are working through the best practices and steps available through the county for all local businesses, creating a cleaning protocol schedule and checklist, enlisting a local cleaning service to do a deep-clean of the studio space, and creating a framework for what classes might look like going forward. We will remain flexible and pivot as necessary based on not only local and state regulations, but the trend of positive cases in our area and the comfort level of our students and families. If you could, please take a moment to fill out this short survey and let us know your thoughts on how to proceed safely together.

Long story short, California is moving forward with re-opening business across different industries, but we do not have a date or guidance for gyms as of yet. We will update this page with more information as we have it, and as always appreciate your patience and support. In the meantime, you can find online videos as well as links to our weekly Zoom classes on the video library pages for kids and adults.

We love you all, stay safe out there!

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